Falmouth bay - View from Shirley Heigths, Antigua, Caribbean Sea

Explore: Antigua

Antigua isn’t all about the beaches. Yes, it’s said there are 365 of them (though it’s uncertain if anyone’s ever actually counted), and among them are some of the world’s most extraordinarily beautiful sandy strands. But Antigua has much more to offer.

Holidays to Antigua

Despite its reputation for beachy glamour – superyachts basking in wide harbours; barefoot, moneyed guests draped on cushioned loungers in immoderately priced resorts – this is resolutely a ‘proper’ island, not just one customised for tourists. None of the 365 beaches are closed to locals and the island is not so much in thrall to the tourist buck as others elsewhere.

What is true is that Antigua is eccentric, exciting and, in many ways, still quite British.

With 365 beaches to choose from, there’s one to suit every holiday style

Where to go

With 365 beaches to choose from, there’s one to suit every holiday style. Families with young children head to Pigeon Point beach for its shallow and gentle waters whilst thrill-seekers pick Dickenson Bay for the watersports. To escape the crowds, the crescent stretch of sand at Half Moon Bay is often deserted.

For keen sailors, Antigua hosts a Sailing Week of races every year. Prefer to stay on land? You can see the mega yachts dotted around the island from the safety of the shore. Spend an afternoon at Nelson’s dockyard, marvelling at the preserved Georgian architecture of this Unesco World Heritage site. Then climb the hill to Shirley Heights, a restored military lookout, for unrivalled views of the island.

When to go

Escape the cold and rain in Britain for the driest and warmest season in Antigua from December to April. For those on a budget, visit out of high-season in May or June when the weather is still pleasant and the beaches are quiet.

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